Extract Bing Ads reports through API

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Extract Bing Ads reports through API

Currently we are getting the Bing Ads Campaign performance data file through email and I want to automate it using API .

I went through the below document provided them but still unable to make the connection on Talend.

Bing Ads documentation -  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/bingads/guides/get-started?view=bingads-12


Based on above I was able to generate many of the parameters but got stuck in generating 'Authentication parameter'. 

Let me know if anyone has setup Talend based process to extract data from BingAds API.



Re: Extract Bing Ads reports through API


Feel free to create a new feature jira issue on talend bug tracker.


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Re: Extract Bing Ads reports through API

Hi @sharad0101,


I believe you might want to focus on this walkthrough..... 



You should be able to integrate the code they have demonstrated there with a Talend Routine. This would allow you to trigger the routine with your job and process the data with your job.

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