External scheduling

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External scheduling

We are trying to install a main scheduler to run all enterprise jobs and tasks.
These jobs and tasks can be Talend's jobs, batch tasks, database scripts and so on ...
Our company choose to use UC4 scheduler to do this task.
UC4 representatives tell us his product is able to trigger Talend's job, but it can do it only using Web Services
As our jobs are heavy data manipulation accessed from files and databases I think transform our jobs into web services is not appropriated.
Is there a way to trigger a job defined in TAC web console from external scheduling tool ? without transform our jobs, export and deploy them under Tomcat server and create some WSDL definition file ?
Is there some instruction / documentation / example / tutorial about this ?
Do we need some Talend other module/product ??
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Re: External scheduling

As far as I know - when you export any job from Talend Open studio, it gives you a batch file. This file can be used to trigger the job. If UC4 scheduler supports batch tasks - I'm sure it can execute these batch files to run Talend jobs. Hope this helps.
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Re: External scheduling

Thanks for your reply
You are right it can be done by the way you describe
Is there a way to avoid the export (to script or web service) step ?
I prefer to run job without any export
I prefer to trigger job directly into Talend TAC web console ...

Re: External scheduling

Hi, Thomas
Sorry for delay, I have missed your topic. The answer to your question is no, you can't use external scheduler tool in TAC, TAC has an official integrated scheduler. I don't know much about UC4 scheduler, but i am sure that you have to export manually the job script if you use external tool to trigger the job.
Best regards
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