Expression mapping and filtering

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Expression mapping and filtering



I'm wondering if it is possible to do this. I have a file that I will going to load to the table. So from file, I have a data for column CatDog_Count on the destination table I have a column Dog Count.


On CatandDogcount Column there is a value like this:

The count of a dog is 45623


I only want the numbers to be inserted on the destination table or on Dog Count column, so that I can remove those "The count of a dog/cat is". What should be the right syntax/command for that? Thanks for any help!

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Re: Expression mapping and filtering



Re: Expression mapping and filtering



    I believe this is a more generic version of your problem depicted in your another post (link below)


    Since I have given the answer for your other post, could you please mark this post also as resolved? 


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