Export from jboss and import to Karaf

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Export from jboss and import to Karaf


I'm not very experienced at Talend and I have a question regarding Talend-ESB.

I have a "WebService" made in "JBoss" (.jar) and I need to know if there is any way to import this service into Talend-ESB.
This way would allow me not to need to re-develop this service.

Remembering that within this service already created, there are input fields and output fields which, in my opinion, need to be mapped in Talend-ESB.

Has anyone ever had this need?

Sorry for the English of Google-Translate.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Export from jboss and import to Karaf

What do you mean with import? The source code - or better the design - of the service can hardly be imported.

The Talend runtime is a OSGi container. I think the JBoss server is not. For sure your web service is a kind of normal web application or EAI application. I cannot see a way to import that to anywhere.

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Re: Export from jboss and import to Karaf

Got it. Thank you my friend for the help and for your time. I will develop the service on ESB Talend, it is the best option even.

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