Execution task status unknown

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Execution task status unknown

Hello Community,
today we faced the issue that our Tomcat has caused a Permgen Space error.
That means we had to run every job manually after they have aborted.
We have duplicated the Job because we werent able to execute that job (The duplicated job works fine)
Now we wanted to delete the job in TAC.
Client Log gives following error:
Delete Failed: Please wait while task is processing
We have queried the Database for the jobid and recieved following information which are different from others:
status: UNKNOWN
processingstate: 1
How can we delete the job?
Our Talend Version is Talend Enterprise Data Integration 5.3.1.
Hope you could help us.
Best regards,
Seventeen Stars

Re: Execution task status unknown

The good news is, your job is not lost.
Open the database and check the table executiontask.
Here you will find the status and here you can update the task back to a usable state.
If you set the status to something like READY_TO_RUN and set the processingstate=0 you will be able to handle it - even delete the task if you want, but you do not have to delete this.
And please do not forget to create a support ticket for it, better you do this before you manipulate the database for your self.

Re: Execution task status unknown

Open a ticket on Talend Support Portal, our colleagues from support team will give you a remote assistance.
Best regards
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