Execution run of jobs into flatfile and send email

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Execution run of jobs into flatfile and send email

I'm just wondering for help with the below scenarios.
Is there anyway to retrieve stl_load_errors table in redshift into talend job to capture errrors?
-- Copy Command to Redshift
copy wms_hkg_stg.consignee from 's3://xxx/xxx/xxx.csv.gz'
credentials 'aws_access_key_id=xxxxxxxxxxx;aws_secret_access_key=xxxxxxxxxxx' CSV delimiter '\t' IGNOREHEADER 1 ACCEPTINVCHARS ACCEPTANYDATE gzip;

while trying to insert some data after "?" there is null embedded value which fails to load in Redshift
Is there anyway to ignore null values within column having data & null values in same column.

Also I’m want to capture DB (redshift) error while running the job value into flat file and send email alert whenever data load error occurs. If there's talend component error we have components to capture. But if error happens within component like screenshot how to extract those

Re: Execution run of jobs into flatfile and send email

We usually use tLogCatcher to capture the error message.
The work flow should be:
You can store the result to context variables or global variables first, and then get its value on tSendMail component.
Let us know if it is Ok with you.
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