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Execution order of Subjobs in a single job.

Could someone let me know how can I specify the order of sub_job execution. I have 2 subjobs beloning to a child_job. Each of these child jobs have 2 sub_jobs.
sub_job_1 Fetches data from one database and copies to the other
sub_job_2 Passes Status parameters to an oracle Procedure.

The execution currently goes the wrong way with sub_job_2 executing before sub_job_1. Could someone let me know how can can I change the sub_job order to sub_job_1 and sub_job_2
I cannot use tRunJob individually for each child job, I have other such jobs that contain 2 sub_jobs_of their own.

Execution process
Master Job-------Child_Job_1-----------------Child_Job2
/ \ / \
/ \ / \
sub_job_1 sub_job_2 sub_job_1 sub_job_2