Execution failed :generationManager is not initialized by the perljet/

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Execution failed :generationManager is not initialized by the perljet/

I have a machine that I've been successfully developing several Talend TOS DI jobs on. Today, out of the blue, it will no longer execute any jobs. I get:
Execution failed :generationManager is not initialized by the perljet/javajet!
In the console.
I saw this reported in the bug tracker, and closed as could not duplicate. I do not know how to duplicate this as I don't know what is causing it in the first place. I had to move all of my jobs onto another machine to be able to work on them.
What could I do to troubleshoot this problem? This is the second machine I've worked on that would not run Talend jobs. Fixing the first required an OS reload (never mind that everything else worked find). Reloading the OS on this machine is not an option.
Windows server, TOS DI
Java 1.6.0_31
The other machine that stopped running Talend jobs was a 64 bit Slackware 13.37 machine (linux).
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Re: Execution failed :generationManager is not initialized by the perljet/

Have you ever added some custom components?
Usually it's hard to reproduce this issue and there isn't an accurate way to fix it.
Try to delete 'ComponentsCache.javacache' under <TOS Installation dir>\configuration and restart TOS.


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