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Execution Time of a job

I'm using Talend 4.2
I would like to know if it is possible to get the execution time of a subjob and the tOracleInput execution time and put them in a tJava using "System.out.print" ?
Here is my job

tOracleInput_1 -----------------> tOracleOutput_1

tOracleInput_2 -----------------> tOracleOutput_2

And I would like to write a code in a tJava to have this result :
Execution time for row1 =
Execution time for row2 =
Thank you

Re: Execution Time of a job

You can have a look at tStatCatcher, tChronometerStart/tChronometerStop to monitor specific execution times.
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Re: Execution Time of a job

the job running a few hours ago and still has not ended

how to accelerate the time execution

Re: Execution Time of a job

What is the join condition in the tMap? Can this join be carried out in the database? If you are using tables in the same database, it is silly to bring all of the data into a Java environment and join there. Use a single "input" component and write SQL to handle the join at the database end. That way any indexes you have can be put to use.