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Execute tPigLoad,tpigCode component to read xml data from HDFS

I am new to Talend Big Data and working on Hadoop using Talend Big data.
I have stored xml file into HDFS using tHdfsPut component successfully and Now i want to search xml element or attribute data from
that xml, but not able to do that.
I have used tPigLoad ,tPigCode and tPigStoreResult component but they are not working.. May be due to some mistakes.
Could you please help me out from this task?

xml Format is:--
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CustomerName name="shikha" id="12"/>
I have created two columns "name" and "id" in schema.
My tPigQuery is:-
tPigCode_1_RESULT = foreach tPigLoad_1_RESULT generate $0 as name, $1 as id;

Please tell me each component basic settings and also TPigCode query.
Shikha Tyagi