Execute sqoop import from command line

we have developed a job that imports from sql server to hdfs using tSqoopImport.
when i run the job in talend studio it works fine, but when i build job and execute the bat file in command line i get exception:
java.lang.exception: the sqoop import job has failed. Please check the logs.
the sqoop log doesn't have any errors.
what could be the problem?

Re: Execute sqoop import from command line

 Have you checked out "die on error" option to make sure that there is no error printed on console? Can you successfully get the processing data from sql server into hdfs?
If the job does work fine in talend studio, the job work flow should be ok with no error.
Did you run your job script  .bat file on the same machine with studio?
Screenshots of your job setting will be preferred. On which build version you got that?
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