Execute Job command line

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Execute Job command line

I am new to talend and trying to execute job using command line but getting below error.
talend> listJob

talend>executeJob Extract_CSV_File
|Talend Commandline Plugin :                                                                       |
| * arguments can be surrounded by (") or (') characters                                           |
| * the semi-colon (Smiley Wink character can be used to separate commands from each other                  |
| * special characters (space \ " ' Smiley Wink can be escaped using the character (\)                      |
|Missing required option -i     
|-i (--interpreter) path   perl/java interpreter path
I am not sure what is path for java interpreter i provided JAVA_HOME/bin/java but still not working.
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Execute Job command line

You need to specify the -i (interpreter) path, eg:
executeJob jobName -i '<your JDK install dir>/bin/javaw.exe' 
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