Exception in tSalesforceInput component

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Exception in tSalesforceInput component

I am using tSalesforceInput component in bulk mode in studio version 6.4.1 to export records to further process it however it am getting this exception - 

I dont have any clue how to resolve it. Please help me to understand the error code - DefaultErrorCode@1ff4931d


Exception in component tSalesforceInput_1 (Test_Export)
org.talend.components.api.exception.ComponentException: org.talend.daikon.exception.error.DefaultErrorCode@1ff4931d:{failedBatch=[BatchInfo id='7515700000DyTCDAA3'  jobId='7505700000BRDolAAH'  state='Queued' stateMessage='null'

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Re: Exception in tSalesforceInput component


Did you check for more detail in Monitor Bulk Data Load Jobs?

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Re: Exception in tSalesforceInput component

Yes, I have checked it and job is listed under In Progress jobs with status open. It shows the correct number under Records Processed while zero under Records Failed.

All these records got processed in one batch and thats also completed. I can see completed status for this batch. 

Also Queued batches and In Progress batches are zero.

That is why i am clueless that where is the exact problem?

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Re: Exception in tSalesforceInput component

Finally i got some clue. It works fine when i change query mode = query from bulk. It seems that there is some bug in this component in 6.4.1 version also. It used to give exception when we have more than 10000 records to process in earlier versions. 


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