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Excel: Formulas not updated

I have some issues when updating an excel template containing formulas.
I update the first two columns of my excel file, and I have some formulas that use these data.
My issue is that after I run my job and updated the datas, when I open my excel file, my formulas are not automatically updated. I need to perform a bulk update of the sheet (using control-maj-alt-F9 for example) to get the right calculation.
Small example to explain :
In A1, I have a value : 1 for example
In B1, I have a formula : =A1*2
I run my job and update A1 with the value 2
When I opened the excel sheet, I still get 2 in B1
Do you have any idea to ensure that my formula are recalculated when opening excel sheet ?
Thanks for your advises

Re: Excel: Formulas not updated

What does your current job design look like? Are you using tfileoutputexcel component?
Have you already checked option "Recalculate formula" which is used to recalculate formula(s) in the specified Excel file?
Please take a look at component reference:TalendHelpCenter:tFileOutputExcel.
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