Excel Date value differs in Generation Mode

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Excel Date value differs in Generation Mode


I am reading date column and also a custom format date column value from excel as String and I get different values based on the generation mode I select. 

Can someone help me with, what is the proper way to read date column? I understand the usage of TalendDate::format() and parse() methods. 

I am processing a large excel file, so the generation mode has to be event mode.

I have attached sample excel file, job is very simple and all columns are read as string

tReadFileExcel  ------->  tLogRow

I am using DI 6.3.1


Re: Excel Date value differs in Generation Mode


Do you want to convert your Date type to String type in work flow? What does your expected result look like?

More information will be helpful for us to understand your requirement.

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Re: Excel Date value differs in Generation Mode

Hello Sabrina,

I would like to have it as String in M/d/yyyy format and also would like to understand why the values are different from what is shown in Excel and in Talend.




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