Errors Upserting to Salesforce on ExternalIDs

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Errors Upserting to Salesforce on ExternalIDs

Hi folks,


I created a solid process that uploads a lot of data into our salesforce org, but when I try to connect the objects via external IDs that I set, it keeps saying "MALFORMED ID".


The sequence I'm using is this:


CSV --> tmap --> tSalesforceOutputBulk --> tSalesforceBulkExec ---> tLogRow


Which is working for all file upserts that don't try to link objects via external IDs.


Process & errors pictured here:



Can you help?


Re: Errors Upserting to Salesforce on ExternalIDs


Could you please try to link the tFileInputDelimited component to the tSalesforceBulkExec component using a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection?

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Re: Errors Upserting to Salesforce on ExternalIDs

1rst I suggest you to use tSalesforceOutputBulkExec component as soon as data flow is made in a single step.
For the error, share the Advanced Settings where you establish the relation between parent and child objects.



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