Error with tRunJob Cannot access central ( in offline mode

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Error with tRunJob Cannot access central ( in offline mode


I am getting error with tRunJob. When I run a single job independently, it is running well.

But when I put tRunJob to call another job, it started giving error.

error: Cannot access central ( in offline mode and the artifact org.example.uba_upgrade_masking:code.MasterSmiley Tongueom:7.0.1 has not been downloaded from it before.

both parent and child jobs are running when I run independent.

below is the error.


More info: We recently upgrade to 7.0.1 from 6.5. We are using subscription version of talend cloud.


Need help!


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Re: Error with tRunJob Cannot access central ( in offline mode

Your help will be appreciated.
I am facing this issue now for more than 10 days.

Re: Error with tRunJob Cannot access central ( in offline mode

Can you search your studio for the following name under your /studio directory. This is a folder and a jar file that you should be able to download from the internet as I have this jar present under my studio build.


You can go to the studio and user the Help drop down menu and then select to install additional packages and from there we should be able to download it. If you are unable to download the package that is in the error log because the pop-up window to install additional packages states network unavailable or another error please provide it back as it appears that you may just need to complete a proxy configuration or open the network for one of the following sites to download and use the missing packages to build your job in question. 

Port information - Includes all of the sites that need to be whitelisted

In addition another troubleshooting step is you could delete the configuration/.m2 and re-download the jar files which the one that is the issue in this scenario is your routines jar file. 


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