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Error with tMySQLOutput cannot be null error

I am a Talend newbie.
I am working at modifying an existing job. I changed the schema of some of the tables in the job. Now, I am trying to run the job against the newly created table schema in the database.
When I run the job that's pointing to the new tables, I get an error on the first tMySQLOutput component:
java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Column 'Album' cannot be null
All the columns of the table in the database are NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
I also added logic to my tMaps that are feeding into this table: out1.Album==null ? "": out1.Album
Using this logic, shouldn't the tMap convert the Album field to empty string if it is a null value? Not sure why the tMySQLOutput component is barking at my configuration.
Can someone please assist?
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Re: Error with tMySQLOutput cannot be null error

An empty string will be treated as null. You should use a significant char as null replacement or remove the not null constraint.