Error with Redshift Timestamp

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Error with Redshift Timestamp

I'm encountering the following error doing a bulk insert to redshift:
Exception in component tRedshiftOutputBulkExec_1_tRBE
java.sql.SQLException: (500310) Invalid operation: timestamp or timestamptz do not support precision.;
Any idea what it is?
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Re: Error with Redshift Timestamp

This may or may not be of use to you, but I ran into the same problem trying to create a table today.
The reason in my case, was trying to create a table with a timestamp field that was defaulting to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. My theory is the redshift implementation tries to implement this in the underlying postgres nodes by using timestampz and that's not being supported by whatever version of postgres they use (aka a bug on their side). 
In my case, I was loading a massive dump of data that all included timestamps, so I could get around it by setting DEFAULT NULL on the table definition.
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Re: Error with Redshift Timestamp

Upon further exploration, the equivalent of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is SYSDATE. That also works.
What doesn't work are the AWS Data Pipeline scripts to go from mysql to redshift.

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