Error with Metadata Crawler

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Error with Metadata Crawler


I am using TOS 6.3.1 with the metadata crawler workspace for TOS 6.x. My metadata crawling run crashed with the following error message:


Ausführung fehlgeschlagen: Job compile errors
At least job "scan_map_qgis" has a compile errors, please fix and export again.
Error Line: 21184
Detail Message: root_12_0_1_tAFOX_3 cannot be resolved to a variable

There may be some other errors caused by JVM compatibility. Make sure your JVM setup is similar to the studio.


I am aware that the last line is a kind of default message I get after all errors (see Is there anything wrong with my installed JRE's (see screenshot below)?


installed_JREs.pngInstalled JREs

Other questions: I'd like to check the code but where do I find 'line 21184'? Has anyone an idea what 'root_12_0_1_tAFOX_3' could mean or come from?

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Re: Error with Metadata Crawler

Hi @ckampichler, you can find the source code under:

Hope it helps to debug the error.

- JG

Re: Error with Metadata Crawler


So far, talend don't support for openJDK. Have you tried to use oracle JDK 1.8 to see if your job works?

Best regards


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Re: Error with Metadata Crawler


I installed the oracle JDK 1.8 as suggested by @xdshi but the error remains the same.

Since the error occurred in scan_map_qgis 0.1 I also tried to scan a raster file with scan_raster 0.1 instead of using run 0.1 . At first sight, this seems to work without error (except about the PNG driver):

Starte Job scan_raster am 15:53 06/06/2017.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3821
[statistics] connected
2017-06-06 15:53:05|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|scan_raster|test|3|tWarn|tWarn_4|# Analyzing raster datasource : /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc|0
2017-06-06 15:53:05|kvq80X|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|generateRasterOverview|Default|3|tWarn|tWarn_2|## Creating overview for  : /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc|0
Input file size is 280, 325
0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.
2017-06-06 15:53:05|kvq80X|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|generateRasterOverview|Default|5|tWarn|tWarn_1|Error generating TIF overview for vector file :/media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc 
 Error message : Warning 6: PNG driver doesn't support data type Float32. Only eight bit (Byte) and sixteen bit (UInt16) bands supported. Defaulting to Byte
2017-06-06 15:53:05|kvq80X|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|generateRasterOverview|Default|3|tWarn|tWarn_3|## Overview created  : /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc_overview.png|0
2017-06-06 15:53:05|9BWG7B|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|pack_data|Default|3|tWarn|tWarn_1|Packing data: /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc layers: raster...|0
2017-06-06 15:53:05|9BWG7B|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|pack_data|Default|3|tWarn|tWarn_2|Creating archive: in /tmp/scan/download/ (all files matching: 'openheid2009_mean.*' in '/media/data/Geodata_Test' will be included in the archive) ...|0
2017-06-06 15:53:05|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|DdRVvg|METADATA_CRAWLER|scan_raster|test|3|tWarn|tWarn_5|### Metadata record /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc_md_iso19139-.xml created for :  /media/data/Geodata_Test/openheid2009_mean.asc|0
[statistics] disconnected
Job scan_raster endet am 15:53 06/06/2017. [exit code=0]

The overview png is produced without problems, but the metadata xml-file is empty (0 bytes).

I tried also to scan a shape file with run_vector 0.1, but with the same result: the two xml-files (iso19110 and iso19139) are generated but are empty.

Any hints?



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