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Error while fetching data from SAP using Talend Open Studio DI 5.4.1

Hi Team,
I have to fetch data from SAP. Using Talend Open Studio DI 5.4.1
Suppose SAP "MARA" Table which has 100+ columns
I have used tPLSAPSimpleInput component to fetch the data from SAP.
Used the function "RFC_READ_TABLE" to read from SAP.
I am able to read data from the above SAP table "MARA" only when I use few columns.
But if I use all the columns 100+ from the table & fetch data using "RFC_READ_TABLE" the component shows error as below.
Exception in component tPLSAPSimpleInput_2
java.lang.RuntimeException: (126) DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED: DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED
    at move_it_pilot.sapinput_plsap_conn_0_1.SapInput_PLSAP_Conn.tPLSAPSimpleInput_2Process(
    at move_it_pilot.sapinput_plsap_conn_0_1.SapInput_PLSAP_Conn.tSAPConnection_2Process(
    at move_it_pilot.sapinput_plsap_conn_0_1.SapInput_PLSAP_Conn.runJobInTOS(
    at move_it_pilot.sapinput_plsap_conn_0_1.SapInput_PLSAP_Conn.main(
    at move_it_pilot.sapinput_plsap_conn_0_1.SapInput_PLSAP_Conn.tPLSAPSimpleInput_2Process(
    ... 3 more
1) Is there any limitation in accessing data using "RFC_READ_TABLE" function 128 Bytes as such ? If yes, how to overcome this limit?
2)Is the above limitation is from SAP side with respect to function "RFC_READ_TABLE" or it is from Talend component side limitation
2)Can creating custom BAPI will help us to fetch the all the data having all the columns 100+ .Any specific configuration to be performed?
3)Does Talend open studio DI support this ?If yes Which version & How?
4)Will tSAPInput Component helps us to fetch all the 100+ columns data from SAP "MARA" table without error Is there any limitations with respect to fetching data from SAP? 
Please support.
Thanks Raj.

Re: Error while fetching data from SAP using Talend Open Studio DI 5.4.1

You seems to be using the a component from not a component shipped by Talend out of the box. You could contact that vendor.
Regarding your questions: this is a limitation imposed by SAP and you would have to write a custom function module to overcome it.
We, Talend, have done this for you though already. Starting from Talend 5.6.1 the tSAPInput component is using a custom module and we have improved it ever since. You should consider using 6.1.1 or the 6.2.1 out in July 2016.
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management
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Re: Error while fetching data from SAP using Talend Open Studio DI 5.4.1

Hi Guys,
I am facing same issue. I am using Talend 5.6.1.
Exception in component tSAPBapi_2_TSAPBapi_OUT
SAPException@a8ad249 [
While i am searching for this issue in SAP websites they recommended to use the /BODS/RFC_READ_TABLE2 instead RFC_READ_TABLE.
I tried using this but no luck it is returning 0 rows even though source table has data(160K).
Please suggest me.
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