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Error when using Salesforce connection from metadata as context variab

hi All,
I have create a metadata connection for salesforce and mysql and exporting these connection settings as context variables. 
When i conver mysql parameters, i can test the job successfully, but when i do the same with salesforce connection, i get the error below. I have check the username and password a lot of times. there are no firewall issues as well. Please suggest a resolution for this 
connecting to socket on port 3660
Exception in component tSalesforceInput_2
java.lang.RuntimeException: Login failed! Please check the username,password and endpoint
at org.talend.salesforce.SforceBasicConnection.check(
at org.talend.salesforce.SforceBasicConnection.<init>(
at org.talend.salesforce.SforceBasicConnection.<init>(
at org.talend.salesforce.SforceBasicConnection$
at sfdc.extractsfdc_emailmessage_attachmentcopy_1_0_1.ExtractSFDC_EmailMessage_AttachmentCopy_1.tSalesforceInput_2Process(
at sfdc.extractsfdc_emailmessage_attachmentcopy_1_0_1.ExtractSFDC_EmailMessage_AttachmentCopy_1.runJobInTOS(
at sfdc.extractsfdc_emailmessage_attachmentcopy_1_0_1.ExtractSFDC_EmailMessage_AttachmentCopy_1.main(
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Re: Error when using Salesforce connection from metadata as context variab

Open the context view of the job and check if the variables have values set. If not delete them from the job and add them again.
Next all values of context variables are depending of the actual context (if not configured there is only one: "Default"). If you have multiple contexts check if you run the job with the correct one.