Error to connect to Persian database

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Error to connect to Persian database

Hi !
I have a problem when I'm trying connect to Persian database SQL Server with Talend version 6.1.1.
The USE database statement failed because the database collation Persian_100_CI_AS is not recognized by older client drivers. Try upgrading the client operating system or applying a service update to the database client software, or use a different collation. See SQL Server Books Online for more information on changing collations.
Any idea to solve this error?
Regards. Thank you.


Re: [resolved] Error to connect to Persian database

Have you tried to update the external jar for Persian database SQL Server in talend to see if the connection is Ok with you?
Does this issue repro on V 6.3.1? What's your OS?
Best regards
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Re: [resolved] Error to connect to Persian database

Can you please tell us what OS are you currently using?

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