Error on tSalesforceOutputBulk

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Error on tSalesforceOutputBulk

Hi everyone,


I'm facing an odd error:

Exception in component tSalesforceOutputBulk_7
java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.util.Date
	at org.talend.components.common.runtime.GenericAvroRegistry$DateToStringConvert.convertToDatum(
	at org.talend.components.common.runtime.GenericIndexedRecordConverter$GenericIndexedRecord.get(
	at org.talend.components.salesforce.runtime.SalesforceBulkFileWriter.getValues(
	at org.talend.components.common.runtime.BulkFileWriter.write(
	at p_etl.ETL_0_1.ETL.tFileInputDelimited_4Process(
	at p_etl.ETL_0_1.ETL.tSalesforceConnection_1Process(
	at p_etl.ETL_0_1.ETL.tSetGlobalVar_1Process(
	at p_etl.ETL_0_1.ETL.runJobInTOS(
	at p_etl.ETL_0_1.ETL.main(

The weird error is that my output doesn't have any Date declared.



The Talend version I'm using is: Big Data 6.3.2 

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Re: Error on tSalesforceOutputBulk



I suggest you to convert all fields to String datatype before to tSalesforceOutBulk (and of course also change the schema datatype).

Let us know.

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Re: Error on tSalesforceOutputBulk

Actually, the Long datatype for that field was launching a non-optional auto-process conversion to Date (why? do not know) So I fix it changing that to BigDecimal and now it works like a charm.


Thank you for reading.


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