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Error in tHDFSPut Component- "file not found"

I am getting following error while putting file on HDFS. 

No match file(customers*.*) exists!
Exception in component tHiveLoad_1

But does exist in shared directory. 
when I change shared directory path to local directory like //share/customers.csv to "d:/customers.csv" job execute successfully without error. is any bug in this component wherein it is not accepting share directory path? please suggest. 
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Re: Error in tHDFSPut Component- "file not found"

Does your shared path exists on your windows *nix server? If its on *nix server then run it from TAC,and define the context variables with the username and password and other details for it to login and read the file to execute it. Also in your HDFS component are you using kinit ? If yes did u define the paths correctly?
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Re: Error in tHDFSPut Component- "file not found"

I'm also facing the same issue.
When I use local directory path it works like a charm. However when using shared path e.g. "//dir/" or "\\\\dir\\" or "" none of these works.
There is appropriate access to the shared location, we can do read and writes files there manually but this component can't recognise the shared path.
This seems like a component error.
Thank You