Error in tEdiFACTtOXml

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Error in tEdiFACTtOXml

i just started working with EDi in talend. i tried conversion of edifile to xml scenario first. But i'm facing the below error. Can anyone please help on this.
No current segment available. Possible conditions:
1. A call to moveToNextSegment() was not made, or
2. The last call to moveToNextSegment() returned false.
Exception in component tFileOutputXML_1
at test.tes1_0_1.tes1.tEDIFACTtoXML_1Process(
at test.tes1_0_1.tes1.runJobInTOS(
at test.tes1_0_1.tes1.main(

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Re: Error in tEdiFACTtOXml

Check your schema if some values nullable and the further processing expects none nullable values.