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Error in reading html body of email tfileinputmail

I am getting the following error message when trying to extract the html body of a .msg file using tfileinputmail:
Exception in component tFileInputMail_1
org.apache.poi.hsmf.exceptions.ChunkNotFoundException: Chunk not found
at org.apache.poi.hsmf.MAPIMessage.getStringFromChunk(
at org.apache.poi.hsmf.MAPIMessage.getHtmlBody(
at org.talend.msg.utils.MsgMailUtil.processMessage(
at projectname.m_0_1.m.tFileList_2Process(
at projectname.m_0_1.m.runJobInTOS(
at projectname.m_0_1.m.main(
It seems to work fine If i select the 'body' and 'rft body' mail parts. Any clue as to what the issue could be?

Re: Error in reading html body of email tfileinputmail

Could you please show us your tFileInputMail component setting screenshot? Can you rename .msg file as .mail file then reading it with Mail type instead of MSG type?
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Re: Error in reading html body of email tfileinputmail

See attached screenshot with tfileinputmail settings.
Unfortunately I can't rename the .msg files as .mail files as there are roughly 100k of them archived on the file server in various directories. I don't know how I could accomplish this systematically.