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Error: For input string: "31/01/99"

I use Talend for Big Data, in executing my job i receive too errors.
`For input string: "31/01/99"
Data truncation: Data too long for column 'Company' at row 33
In input file ecxel the format of data is "dd/MM/yyy"
When i chose this format or "dd-MM-yyyy" in input and output schema i receive this error.
My output file it is a table MySQL.
About the second error, the type chosen is string.
I'm sure that you can help me.
Thank you
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Re: Error: For input string: "31/01/99"

You are intending to write a date value in a column called "Company" ? I would say you read the wrong excel column or write into the wrong db column. Take care the Talend excel components depends on reading the data at a specific column and need to read all following columns until the last column you are need.