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Error: An unexpected error occurred

Hi ,

I am facing the error 

java.lang.Exception:An unexpected error occurred. while trying to insert the data into CRM dynamics. for specific columns.


when i am loading the data excluding the id columns(which are causing issues,i assume) it is working fine.

Could any one please help me out here what are the reasons causes this issue. java.lang.Exception:An unexpected error occurred.

Thanks in Advance.



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Re: Error: An unexpected error occurred

Are you talking about GUID?

If so, I think (not a Dynamics user) this field cannot participate to an insert operation as it is auto-calculated by Dynamics to ensure unicity.

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Re: Error: An unexpected error occurred

 TRF -


What you are stating is true and applies to columns identified as identifiers ..the issue I have come across is fo columns that are defined as "EntityName" or recordtypes referencing an entity record - for example transactioncurrencyid 


Thanks for your time !





Re: Error: An unexpected error occurred


Could you please indicate on which build version you got this issue?

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