Encapsulate one XSD schema into another XSD schema

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Encapsulate one XSD schema into another XSD schema

Hi, Everyone.


I have three separate XSD schema files:

  • business message
  • business application header
  • business file envelope

Take a look at the screenshot below for graphical representation.

I'm trying to achieve the following:

  1. Import an XML file created according to the business message specification between specified tags in the business application schema.
  2. Import the resulting XML file between specified tags in the business envelope.

I'm contemplating the idea to Configure the XML Tree manually to include all the three files in one structure, but this process is prone to errors - the number of fields is around 200 and is inconvenient. I believe there should be more elegant way.


Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to create one big XML tree structure from the three XSD schemas ?

The component tAdvancedFileOutputXML does have a "Configure XML tree" option, but it can only import one structure.

Below is a screenshot of how the result should look like.


Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.





Re: Encapsulate one XSD schema into another XSD schema


Here is a tXMLMap component which transforms and routes data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations.

Please refer to online component reference about:https://help.talend.com/reader/sw_4LkGJfE3nZ0TtRmHcmg/F~yzD40hQRLkeE0JXoTvwA.

Best regards


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