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Enabling Verbose logging in Talend job

I want to know how do i enable verbose logging of all events and flow in talend job - i have used tlogcatcher and tstatscather, but these do not catch component details what is happening inside the component - i mean for example tmap component has 3 tables as input and two outputs created inside it - what iwant to get from log is when does talend starting loading table1 into its memory (if need be) and how much time it took and what it did next - did it loaded table 2 or table 3 and how does it progressed from after loading of table 1,2,3 and processing transforming data to output - how much time it took...basically i am looking at an exhaustive and verbose logging of talend job something that any TAlend tool developer (who has build talend tool) will use to find what issue is happening in talend job and where it is going slow or creating problem.
I do not want to use debugging as i want to be trace the problem from logs - consider the job is running in my production system and all i have with me is to enable DEBUG logging in job and nothing else.
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Re: Enabling Verbose logging in Talend job

There is no Verbose logging components available at the moment, you can subscribe it from Talend if you urgently need it?
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