Email attachment extract into FTP server

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Email attachment extract into FTP server


I am a newbie to talend . I would like to know how to extract attachments from an email.


Requirement: Email Should be  filtered with Subject line 

                   Once email attachment is downloaded , it should mark read status 

tpop component fetch email attachment ?
tfileinputmail extract mail attachment ?
 Can anybody explain step by step procedure to extract email attachment from file. I need to extract email attachment monthly and put it in FT server 




Re: Email attachment extract into FTP server

TalendHelpCenter:tPOP is used to fetch one or more email messages from a server using the POP3 or IMAP protocol. Parameters in the Advanced settings view allows you to use filters on your selection.
TalendHelpCenter:tFileInputMail is used to read the header and content parts of a defined MIME or MSG email file.
Please set basic settings of tFileInputMail as:
Collumn           Mail part
The workflow should be:tPOP-->iterate-->tfileinputmail-->tLogrow
Feel free to let us know if it is OK with you.
Best regards
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