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ElasticSearch - Create Second Nodes (How ??)

On my Development TALEND platform, I notice that my ElasticSearch status is Yellow.
Indeed, there are lot of "shards unassigned". To solve this problem, I need to create a second node in ElasticSarch.
However, I can't find configuration file for ElasticSearch (elasticsearch.yml). Only file configuration is logstash-talend.conf where I can specify only one node_name.
So, How is it possible to create second nodes in Cluster ElasticSearch? May I create file elasticsearch.yml in folder logserv?

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Re: ElasticSearch - Create Second Nodes (How ??)

Hi Anthony  
Sorry for the delay response. I had forwarded your question to our developers and ask for help, I will let you know once I get reply.
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Re: ElasticSearch - Create Second Nodes (How ??)

Hi Anthony,
In logstash-talend.conf file, there is an attribute called cluster =>. This defines the name of the cluster. If you start a second instance of logserver keeping the same cluster name as the previous instance, Elastic Search will automatically take both the instances in one cluster.
Hope this helps!