ETL job with xls input file exported as webservice

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ETL job with xls input file exported as webservice

hi all,
i've installed Talend Open Studio yesterday because I need to make some ETL processes. Researching tools i've chosen this tool instead of pentaho (kettle)
I found very cool the "export as webservice WAR project" feature, because i need to execute jobs depending of an existing application, using webservices calls is simple!
The ETL that I need to do should upload an excel (or csv) file into a datawarehouse, with additional data addings (i'll omit them)
My idea is to make a job, that exported as webservice receives a file (or bytes) by parameter, then the job use it...
is this possible? the only way that I found is to leave a file in the server and send by parameter the filename... but I want something best, to send the bytes directly... is this possible?
thank you!
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Re: ETL job with xls input file exported as webservice

The essential demand of your job is to upload an excel file into a datawarehouse by webservice, is it right?
In fact, I don't catch your point.
Please show me more details.
What's the function of the existing application which will be called by webservice?
Here is a scenario to pass the bytes of file directly into WebService. But i'm not sure whether this will help you(If i misunderstand you).
I have a txt file as follows(You may change it into csv or Excel).
New York
I want to get weather results from
Then I create a job as the following images.
Feel free to ask any questions.
Best regards!
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Re: ETL job with xls input file exported as webservice

hi, thanks for your fast answer!
maybe I did't explain well what I'm trying to do...
. I have an excel file, that a customer uploads on an existing application (application A). Actually, this application A is doing the ETL work, but we need a more professional job (here comes ta lend)
i'll try to explain in steps my idea:
1. customer still uploading an excel in application A
2. application A calls the Axis Job sending the file (bytes) by parameter
3. job start receiving bytes and saving it like an excel file
4. then the job take this file and send it to the datawarehouse...
my problem is how to get the points 2 & 3
is this possible?
thank you again!

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