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ETL from Database to a HTTP API

I am trying to achieve the following, reading data row by row from a MS SQL database and using that data to add information to a web based application via it's API (ManageEngine ServiceDesk). I have done the following.
1. Used tMSSQL_Input component to get the rows I need
2. tMap component to transform and map the data to a tFileOutputDelimited component.
The above works fine for me and the ATTRIBUTES list needed for the ServiceDesk API is what I have used to create a generic Schema in my Repository. I used this Schema on a tHTTPRequest component (POST) but this isn't working for me as all I get as a response from the API is
"<operation><operationstatus>Failure</operationstatus><message>username cannot be empty</message></operation>"
I gather that tHttpRequest component cannot be used as an Output? Is there a way I can achieve what I am trying to do with another component or am I using the correct one? As a small example, adding an asset to ServiceDesk via API requires attributes "assetName, assetType, username, password" I have made that the Schema for the tHttpRequest component and using tMap, I map the fields from MSSQL or even the CSV file and run but keep getting the same error as above. It's like I cannot pass the information to the API in the correct format i.e. assetName='Sample1',username='administrator',password='admin'
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
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Re: ETL from Database to a HTTP API

Actually I also wanted to know what the POST Paramters from file property of tHTTPRequest component does? If it suits my purpose what format should this file be i.e. in relation to the attributes list required to make a call to the web API.