ESB with Certificates and ADFS

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ESB with Certificates and ADFS


I am quite new with Talend ESB and have a task at work.

I need to design an architecture where ESB handles and secures the communication with certificates and authenticates the users with AD FS.


I hope i am clear enough.

Thank you for the replays.




Re: ESB with Certificates and ADFS


Could you please have a look at this document about:TalendHelpCenter: Security Token Service to see if it is what you are looking for?

Best regards


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Re: ESB with Certificates and ADFS



Can you give us some additional details so we can help please ?


Do you need to use certificates for encryption, signature or authentication ?

* Karaf provides native ssl support for encryption, on port 9001

(See etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg configuration file)


Regarding authentication, have you chosen a standard protocole (basic HTTP, SAML, OIDC, X509, ...) ?

* Karaf and Talend services can be easily configured to use one of these and authenticates against an LDAP system with a simple jaas class.


Let us know.


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Re: ESB with Certificates and ADFS


well i thought that using SAML protocol is enough to make it secure. If that is not the point, then i will have to use TSL certificates to make a connection secure and SAML protocol for authentication.


Basic usage of the system will be:

-Getting a request from an User to ESB(secured with certificates or STS if that's enough)

-Check permissions and roles via AD FS with SAML

-Execute the request


hope that's enough informations


Re: ESB with Certificates and ADFS

Ok, let's start with the certificate.


1 - Design a simple web service and make sure it is deployed on runtime server and that you can request it on http port 8040.

2 - Import your certificate sent by a certified provider into a keystore

(See -> Loading certificates with keytool)

3 - Update etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg file to reference your keystore and set credentials to open it


4 - Try to request your web service on https and port 9001


Let me know if it works.


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Re: ESB with Certificates and ADFS

Thank you for the response.


The issue is I need to create a server certificate and user certificate, because I'm doing a demo Project to show my boss.

I have a simple Service, that says hello. I've researched a lot about SAML, STS, certificates. The problem comes when I try to implement it and nobody can help me because they don't know anything about this... i know it's a bit odd Smiley Very Happy

I've tried sending a token request via SOAPUI on talend runtime and receive a response. 

But implement everything in my service, so he send a token request and then takes the response and puts it in the header is a mystery to me .


If you could help me with this i would really appreciate it Smiley Happy


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