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ESB Runtime and SOAP Requests

I have an application where we need to send data to external web service over HTTPS protocol. 

So, we designed an ESB provider which will act as a consumer to the external web service.

The application will send data to the ESB job and the job will then convert it into a SOAP message and sends it to the service.

This is working properly in the studio. However, when I deploy the job in the ESB runtime, it is coming back with the response "Internal Error (Server)".

What could be the reason? As I saw in this post, is there any issue in ESB runtime to send SOAP requests over HTTPS?

Somewhere I saw a suggestion to use IP address instead of localhost in ESB provider URL. That also didn't work.

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Re: ESB Runtime and SOAP Requests

You should check your <runtime>/log/tesb.log file to see the details

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Re: ESB Runtime and SOAP Requests

Hello @vharcq,

In logs it shows "Internal error (from server)" inside a SOAP fault.. No additional information is available there.

But remember, I mentioned that the same data sent in SOAP request from Studio, gets proper response from the server.