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ESB : Route consuming messages from RabbitMQ

Hello there,


I'm a beginner in Talend ESB and I would like to simulate a route producing&consuming messages with a queue (local RabbitMQ).

I have developped this route, which does it quite well :


ESB route producing and consuming messagesESB route producing and consuming messagesBut now, I would like to delay the messages delivery.


Explicitly, the main idea would be this :

- I would like that the producer sends many messages to the queue in a short laps of time, (this point is ok)

- While I would like that the consumer recieves messages from the queue slowly : 1 message consumed every minute for example.


I've found this was possible by referring to this link : Scheduling messages with RabbitMQ

However, I'm not able to use it in my route.


The solution might be, in the Camel rabbitmq component, to define the parameter connectionFactory (ref :

But I'm not even able to do that.


Do some of you have already use RabbitMQ through Talend ESB ?

What about delaying the messages delivery ?


I will appreciate any help to go further.

Thanks in advance.



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