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ESB Choice

Hello, I'm new user of the communauty. I have a mandate for a public organization. Currently, the organization have a monolitic application based on Oracle Forms and Oracle Database. We have a project to replace these application by software like CRM, Financial solution and maybe more. Futhurmore, we need to build and offer to the public some web services (gouvernemental portal). Currently, we dont't have any SOA architecture, ESB, etc.

Our target is to implement an ESB, Is it the good approach. But my question is: is it the good approach because we will have a few applications need to interact between and a few of services ? Futhermore, we don't have the expertise to define a ESB approach etc ...

Do we need an API Gateway or API management to expose our services at other gouvernemental units ?
I reach a quick  solution because we are a small organization with few data, few services and few ressources.

Thanks in advance for your comments and orientation


Re: ESB Choice



    At a high level, everyone is moving to APIs and you are planning to build a robust application ground up. Talend is having Cloud option where you can build APIs and you can easily integrate them to Talend Studio to be used with other flows. 


   So I would say its a right approach and once you start more interactions with other govt organizations, you can create new APIs for those additional requirements.


Warm Regards,
Nikhil Thampi

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