ERROR reject with two tdbOutput component

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ERROR reject with two tdbOutput component


We have the following error in the tdbOuput component with JDBC database "duplicate local variable outgoingRejectRecs".
This error occurs when we capture the rejected rows in several components of this type. 
If we use Oracle database it works without problem.
Please, can someone help us?
Thank you.
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Re: ERROR reject with two tdbOutput component



personally - I never meet with exactly this error

but, but similar errors (duplicated variable with more than 1 component in the job) happen from time to time 


unfortunately not too many possible bypass/solutions:

  • if you on subscription version - open the case with Talend, they fix it (not in same day, but it proper way)
  • if you on open source version or can not wait for patch:
    • check with more recent version of Talend (if available)
    • try to split jobs to separate (sometimes just need split to subjobs of the same job, sometimes - 2 separate job)
    • and wait for the next version

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