ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same

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ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same

We loose information on ERROR_MESSAGE depending if i use a component or not.


The first test was made without using a component.


The Test Job...



The XML file with an error on line 1 (the second node) :

according to the schema, the value "B" must be an INTEGER.


The console with the error message : "For input string: "B"Test-01-Console-Error2.jpg


In the second test, we added a "Reject" to a tLogRow.

The console log show a better ERROR_MESSAGE in the sense that we now have the line number that caused the error.

The Test Job modified with a "Reject" to a tLogRow



The console is now displaying the error with a very usefull addtionnal information " - Line: 1

In conclusion, without the "Reject" we have a poor ERROR MESSAGE and when i use a "Reject" to a tLogRow we have only an information message.


Question : what is the path to have a verbose and undenatured log message ?


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Re: ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same



Instead of tlog, if your goal is achieve more detailed info about your possible errors at the subjob, I highly recommend you use the tLogCatcher component. With it you can extract all detailed information about your job errors.


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Re: ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same

Thank you for your response.

I have tried using a tLogCatcher. Unfortunately the error message remains poor and did not contains the line number causing the error.





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Re: ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same

@DREYNAUD ,what was the column data type for debut? i believe it you might have specified number or Integer.since you are getting sting kind of data for the second record,if you change the date type to sting ,you should not get this error.

Manohar B
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Re: ERROR_MESSAGE is not always the same

I deliberately put "B" in to cause a schema error (an integer is expected in the schema) and see the behavior of the logs.

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