Dynamically pass value tSampleRow

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Dynamically pass value tSampleRow

I have a input file with 10 columns and a simple tmap which process the 10 columns and send it to tSampleRow where i hardcoded and to output file. It works fine. 

Now i need to change the value of tSampleRow dynamically ( fetch value from database and set in context variable) and use the context variable in tSampleRow.

Attached :

1. Job

2. ChildJob ( for loading context variable ) which works fine

3. tRunJob

4. tSampleRow


Can you help me how to give the value in tSampleRow and What should i assign in tRunJob Context column.


Child Job works fine :






Starting job DatabaseJob at 15:32 03/04/2018.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3705
[statistics] connected
tContextLoad_4 set key "days" with value "monday"
tContextLoad_4 set key "rows" with value "5"
[statistics] disconnected
Job DatabaseJob ended at 15:32 03/04/2018. [exit code=0]


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