Dynamic value in tRest component

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Dynamic value in tRest component

Hi everyone,

I have a clarification using tRest component is this possible to pass values dynamically?


Example : URL  am giving works for POST method only  

URL : "https://development.avalara.net/1.0/tax/get.xml" 


HTTP Headers : name: "Authorization" Value : "xyz"

HTTP Body: XML content looks like below



My question is Instead of giving XML content I would like to pass <DocDate>2016-12-08</DocDate> in the URL ,is this possible?

So based on the date am passing it should retrieve data!


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Dynamic value in tRest component

If endpoint external - You must follow documentation for this service


if it also created by You web-service:


You can pass parameter as query or xml as body






if You want pass it as XML - use body

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Re: Dynamic value in tRest component

Hi @vapukov


We can't open the URL "https://development.avalara.net/1.0/tax/get.xml?DocDate=2016-12-08" in any browser.It will say file not found.


Using Fiddler web debug proxy tool this URL brings data


So what component I should use for my scenario.Please help me out.


Please have a look at the job below


This is the error I'm facing:


Starting job gettaxrequest at 10:21 16/06/2017.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 4073
[statistics] connected
| tLogRow_2 |
"ResultCode": "Error",
"Messages": [
"Summary": "The request was unable to be successfully serviced, please try again or contact Customer Service.",
"Severity": "Error",
"Source": "Avalara.Web.REST"}
|500 |

[statistics] disconnected
Job gettaxrequest ended at 10:21 16/06/2017. [exit code=0]