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Dynamic schema

i have a 3 feed file which has 5 columns(name,age,sex,phno,dept) with 100 rows.The columns names are not sequentially arranged in all the feed file.
Now while reading i only want to read 3 columns ( name,age ,dept) but not using TMap.
As the columns names are not sequentially arranged , i want to read the rows by reading the column names.
how I can achieve that ?

Re: Dynamic schema

It seems you are looking for dynamic schema feature in talend which allows you to design schema with an unknown column structure (unknown name and number of columns), however, dynamic schema feature is only available in Talend Enterprise Subcription Version.
Please have a look at the KB artcile TalendHelpCenter:How to process changing data structure?.
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Re: Dynamic schema

You could use the component tFileInputTextFlat from Talend Exchange to do that. This component provides a method to set the position of a column by its header line (also find the column by regex expressions).,1,1
You will find here a documentation and a link to the install description from Talend for User Components.