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Dynamic query using timestamp

New to this forum and tool. 

I have been able to generate a simple job to read from mySQL and extract it into CSV.

However the source side data being huge I need to extract the same data in different date ranges like "date between <one_date> and <another_date>".

I would however like to set these date ranges in a table / file which can then be picked up in a loop  to execute for a different date range every time till the end of record / file is reached. The CSV will be created in the append mode.

Any pointers to a similar question asked previously would be helpful.



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Re: Dynamic query using timestamp

If you have your start date and end date in a data source (file or table both work), you can use a tFlowToIterate to execute a subjob once for each row in your input.  The values for each row are converted to global variables which you can reference in the subjob.  Read up on tFlowToIterate here:

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Re: Dynamic query using timestamp

Created a flow using the documentation link.

However getting the error as seen below. The date format seems to be incorrect.

The date format in the file is 'yyyy-MM-dd' that is used to set the global variable.



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Re: Dynamic query using timestamp

You will likely want to format the date to a value accepted by your database. TalendDate.formatDate("yyyy-MM-dd", <variable goes here>)



Drop your global variable in as the second argument and it should work better.