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Dynamic generation of SOQL for SalesForceInput

I have a scenario where I'm syncing some tables of a MySQL database with SalesForce. The table in question is a Usages table. It records a Product and where it went. I'm filtering the MySQL input by a LastModified Timestamp column, and using tMap to get the SalesForce ProductID and push it into the SalesForce Usages table. This works, but it means that the entire SalesForce Products table gets pulled (0.2 million rows) even though the MySQL input table only pulls a few hundred. Pulling that many rows from SalesForce takes a long time and chews through the API request limit.
Is there any way to use something like Product2.TheMySqlID IN (1,2,3) for the Product tables SOQL query where (1,2,3) is established from a MySQLInput?

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