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Dynamic filtering records from a flow

Good morning.
I have a requirements where the rows should be filtered dynamically based on the filter conditions specified in a excel/text file.

i.e. Say today, the text/excel file contain the filter condition as "row1.field == '3' "

The user will keep on adding/updating conditions in this excel file based on the requirements.

As per the added/updated filter conditions, the rows should be selected/filtered with no code changes.

The tFilterRows accepts only the hardcoded conditions. And I do not see any other component which will satisfy my requirements.
Have anyone encountered such scenarios earlier?
If yes, can you please suggest how this can be achieved?
Thanks and have a great day.
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Re: Dynamic filtering records from a flow

The problem here is, the conditions in tFileRow will be set at the design time of the job and therefore the condition can be become part of the job code. You need something what can be applied at the runtime.
Probably you take a look at the Drools facility. Drools allows to read the rules from an Excel file and the rules will be applied at runtime.
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Re: Dynamic filtering records from a flow

I checked the tRules component. But it produces multiple output flows per filter condition.
I need to have the entire input data flow into a single output flow after the filters applied.