Dynamic database to database job Open Studio

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Dynamic database to database job Open Studio



I would like to create a Talend job that can take a SQL statement, schema definition and run that SQL and use the schema definition provided (by file/context variable) to populate a target table. The job can be for specific database types like moving from DB2 to MySQL or MySQL to BigQuery. The following are the inputs I would like to use, however I am unable to find a way to load a schema into the job without having to specify at design time. Does anyone know how to do this in Open Studio for Data Integration (without some of the enterprise dynamic components).


I can specify the 'generic' schema in XML and import that as metadata, but it seems this can only be done at design time? I would like to load in the generic schema dynamically at runtime as I can the select, schema and table names using context variables.


Job Inputs;

  • Source SQL (Select)
  • Corresponding schema definition
  • Target schema and table names


Thank you in advance!


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Re: Dynamic database to database job Open Studio

I've never done this before, actually commenting to get updates from this thread, but I guess this is a use case of the "SQL Templates" in the Repository View.


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