Dynamic connection

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Dynamic connection


When we are creating connection(oracle) we are supposed to give the hostname. But if I want to create portable ETL job then I am supposed to change hostname in each connection. Is there any way to create a connection only with connection string? such that if I can change connection string in tnsenry of that machine accordingly.

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Re: Dynamic connection

If i have got your question right, you are referring to the Contexts.
Go to the contexts tab, add variables, give values, which will be your default values(from the tree view tab of Contexts). Then add another context values of which will be same as default one, you can change them whenever you want; if you know the connection values of your Production environment for example then you can set them tehn and there, or else leave it to be changed at the other machine. You can change them by editing 'YourContext.properties' file at the location '\YourProject\YourJob\Contexts\'. This you will find when you extract the exported zip file. For further reference you can see the User Guide.
I hope this solves your problem.
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Re: Dynamic connection

Thanks a lot

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