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Dynamic Type in LDAP Input

I'm building a job that queries an LDAP / AD source for user objects. I can list all the attribute names in the schema, either by hand or by having Talend Open Studio query LDAP for the list. At runtime, it pulls those attributes successfully.
However, I need the job to get the list at runtime, in case additional attributes were added to AD. Then I can use the Dynamic Type, or similar mechanism, to map it to an output data source.
So I have 2 questions:
- How can I obtain the list of attributes from an LDAP Source at runtime?
- Why does the Dynamic Type on the tLDAPInput shape indicate an error when I attempt t use it?
Thanks in advance

Re: Dynamic Type in LDAP Input

In talend schema must be defined during design, not run time.
It seems that you need dynamic schema feature with an unknown column structure (unknown name and number of columns) in LDAP.
See the related KB article How to process changing data structure?
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